StartUp Health Showcase January 2014: @Point of Care 360

StartUp Health Showcase January 2014: @Point of Care 360

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@Point of Care 360 Co-Founder Bob Stern presents to a packed room of health industry leaders and investors at the StartUp Health Showcase in San Francisco, CA. The January 2014 showcase ran alongside the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, and included inspiring remarks from Senator Tom Daschle (an OHT – “Original Health Transformer”), Sanjay Khurana (AARP), Rafael Torres (GE Ventures), and Margaret Laws (California HealthCare Foundation).

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PE Ratio – Price to Earnings Ratio

PE Ratio – Price to Earnings Ratio

PE Ratio or Price to Earnings Ratio is explained in hindi. P/E Ratio and EPS (Earnings Per Share) are important metrics to assess the right value of a share or stock.

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Earnings Per Share (EPS):

PE Ratio or Price Earnings Ratio को हिंदी में समझाया गया है। Share or stock की right value को assess करने के लिए P/E Ratio और EPS (Earnings Per Share) important metrics हैं।

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In this video, we have explained:
What does PE ratio mean?
How to calculate Price to Earnings ratio?
What is PE ratio formula?
What is Earnings Per Shares?
Why EPS is an important metric?
What is price per share?
What does low P/E and high P/E mean?
How to check PE ratio the right way?
Why PE is high or low?
Is low PE ratio good?
How does PE ratio help in stock valuation?
How to know if share is expensive or inexpensive?

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Fitbit vs Samsung App vs Letscom HR – Pedometer Head2Head

Fitbit vs Samsung App vs Letscom HR – Pedometer Head2Head

Having found a cheaper alternative to getting a FitBit I soon discovered that I got what I paid for, but why was this $30 pedometer so far off on its readings and how would it compared to the name brand version and the Samsung Health App I’ve been using for a year now.

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A-Z of Vitamins: CoQ10

A-Z of Vitamins: CoQ10

Pharmacist and Master Herbalist Gerald Quigley chats with Rachael Finch about Coenzyme Q10 and why, when taken alongside Vitamin D3, may help support healthy cardiovascular and immune systems.

From The House of Wellness Season 3, Episode 29.

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Helping you set Realistic Health Goals

Helping you set Realistic Health Goals

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Lee Health is a nationally recognized, award-winning health system in Southwest Florida. We are caring people, inspiring health.

When it comes to setting goals—health experts say there are many things that can prevent us from being successful. “The word goals can be so intimidating because we always think of goals as a win or lose or win or fail,” said Sarah Mitchell, a health and wellness coordinator with Lee Health.

Before you set a goal, Mitchell, says it’s important to know what motivates you. “What’s going to motivate them to stay on track to make some behavior changes?” she asked.

It’s also important to determine what you’re willing to do to reach your goal. “What changes are they ready to make, because that’s a very important piece of setting a goal. You have to be ready,” said Mitchell.

To stay on track, address your strengths and your barriers. “We talk about their different strengths. We do refer back to in times past what has worked for you? We also talk about barriers and obstacles. If we don’t pull those out then we won’t know how to set realistic goals,” she said.

Once you’ve set a goal, determined your motivation, your strengths, and your weaknesses, health experts say, make a few small changes and commit to them for a week. “With the weekly goals, reminding them each week when I see them how did they do? But more important what did they learn?” asked Mitchell.

Regardless of what your goal is, a lifestyle coach can help you on your journey. “We talk about some strategies. How would you handle this? What needs to happen for you to stay on track this week?” she asked.

Helping people set realistic goals can help them make small achievements to their health.

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Lee Health in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of health care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For more than 100 years, we’ve been providing our community with personalized preventative health services and primary care to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Lee Health – Caring People. Inspiring Care.


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Health Hutt

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Samsung Health In-depth Tutorial (Previously S Health)

Samsung Health In-depth Tutorial (Previously S Health)

New Years Resolutions should be on and strong. This may help kick it into gear or start it, if not going already. Samsung Health has been fantastic so far and excited to show my results later on a future video.

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