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Flax seed oil ($20)
Vitamin D3 ($15.95)
Wellpath Zen ($14.85)
Wellpath Mind ($15.85)
Ashwagandha ($26.43)
Valerian root ($6.99)
L theanine- ($27.99)
Magnesium Malate

Niacin – B3


  1. Hi April! I’m so interested in supplements for the skin and reduction of facial hair (for PCOS). Any recommendations? I’ve been researching and have found that Vitamin A, C, E; Saw Palmetto and Vitxel are helpful. Is this true?

  2. This is just superb, I have been researching "depression overcome without medication" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Hanincoln Nanlivia Framework – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  3. idk if it’s appropriate for your channel but would love to hear u talk about fine tuning stimulating for everyday adulting with caffeine, tyrosine, adderall, wellbutrin, rhodiola or whatever you find helpful and safe

  4. I’m ordering zen stress one off amazon today because I don’t want to take an antidepressant so I’m going with this product to help. I already had in my cart then you happened to mention it so I feel more confident in my purchase now thanks

  5. You make mental health look beautiful 😍 From all the supplements you mention which one you’ll say help you more for anxiety? You earn a subscriber!😉

  6. Am i the only persone who ignores these words

    "Hit the subscribe button" and "Push notifications"

    Sorry but i hear it way too much now

  7. Nice job! I use several of those you mentioned- l-Theanine was present in a few different products but that’s probably fine I don’t think you can take too much of it. I also use l-tyrosine-and passionflower (which for me can have a slightly psychoactive but calming effect) I generally use Maca rather than ashwaganda although I’ll do some research and see. I enjoy Kava from time to time. Very relaxing. And if it’s only for occasional use kratom is great for anxiety but very addictive so careful there, and not legal in all states. So also blue lotus powder (don’t do it before work) but is a mildly psychoactive and healthy herb? Flower whatever. Great for taking the edge off and a libido booster for men, not sure about women. Thanks I didn’t know about flax oil. Collegan yes! For many things. Konsyl (psyllium husk) before bed and you will be a clean machine. But not Metamucil style psyllium- has to be konsyl (for me) big difference there. Valerian I never seem to feel? Idk why. Shilajit- the mineral rich tar from Tibet check it out. And meditate and exercise… loved your video very nicely done thank you. We are all on our own journey to be content in the moment. Peace to you I am subscribed etc 🙏

  8. Oh 1 last thing if you’re having dreams that you don’t enjoy, it’s worth a try. Macuna Puriens I actually accidentally lucid dreamed twice after taking macuna. It was so bizarre and amazing. I’m sure you know 5htp and probably any ssri might give you trippy dreams. Try asking yourself a very clear question before bed. Like, should I open that coffee shop? Do I want to be in this relationship? Anything your conscious mind is struggling with perhaps creating anxiety and depression. Ask yourself how to fix it. Ask yourself why you’re having weird dreams. Try to be specific but it’s ok to just ask for help!! Sometimes your subconscious will try to help you- it wants to!! like guardian angels (I’m getting deep sorry) but it helps to be clear- it might help. You may be surprised with results. Literally your dreams can come true. Ok enough now good night 🌙

  9. Thank you so much for this video! What kind of tests/labs should I ask my physician to order to check my levels? I don’t want to go back on meds but I’m really struggling with depression and anxiety horribly

  10. Really helpful, as well as cutting out sugar, high carb intakes and caffeine 🙂 probiotics really helps me actually, especially lots of strain ones in low doses

  11. Hey April, in one of your videos you mentioned coffee wasn’t a good fit for you for energy but have you tried green tea or Matcha? If not, have you found a solution for lack of energy without aggravating anxiety?

  12. April i think that you’re so very pretty but on the other video where you don’t have any makeup, you look so much prettier, you my dear are so beautiful with out make up.

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