Camp Canine – Kennel Cough

Camp Canine – Kennel Cough

Camp Canine in Michigan treated their entire facility for kennel cough.

Cousino Medical Services is a proud member of the TOMI Environmental Solutions network servicing Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan with a breakthrough disinfectant treatment using SteraMist™ powered by Binary Ionization Technology®. (BIT™)

SteraMist™ is ideal for schools, daycare and senior living facilities, medical facilities, gyms, hotels and more!

​SteraMist™ eliminates airborne pathogens, infectious diseases and bacteria and deodorizes while leaving no residue or noxious fumes. Its bleach and chlorine free, converting to water (humidity) and oxygen. Other benefits include:
– Leaves no residue, no wiping necessary
– Solution quickly breaks down into water and oxygen
​- Great for frequent uses
– Reduces risk of cross contamination
– Easily incorporated into current cleaning procedures

At Cousino Medical Services, we have received specialized training covering infection control, emerging infectious diseases, air and waterborne pathogens, contagious outbreak (MRSA, Cdiff, HepA and exposure risks), medical environment restoration, disaster response, specialized cleaning and decontamination.

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