Wellness – Understand the Natural State of Health is Wellness

Wellness – Understand the Natural State of Health is Wellness

Wellness — http://www.noahhammond.com Today, we’re going to talk about health.

Specifically, what I want to convey to you is that the natural state of being is one of wellness. I think this is CRITICAL to understand because we are programmed differently.

In society, people get sick. It’s normal to get sick. You don’t ask to someone why they are sick…

It’s a normal thing. We get colds. We get sniffles. We get the flu. We go to doctors. We take herbals. We take medicines. We take our Nyquil, etc. That’s the norm.

I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT the norm and that if you are getting sick often, or with any kind of regularity, there is something IMBALANCED in your lifestyle that is causing that. I can tell you this from personal experience because I grew up in the same manner. I used to get sick. I would stay home from school. I got sick in college, got fevers, took Tylenol, etc.

But in the last two to three years, I think I’ve been sick one time and I honestly can’t say that for sure…

I simply can’t remember the last time I’ve been sick. Period! I wake up every day feeling great. I go to sleep every night feeling great. That’s the natural state of being. That’s supposed to be how you feel.

The problem is all the stuff that we do that throw us off-balance: not sleeping enough, not getting enough sunshine, not drinking enough water, not eating the right food, etc. We throw ourselves off-balanced to the point where we get sick.

Wellness — Our Natural State of Being

Now, there are two REALLY important facts to understand…

First of all, we don’t get sick because of germs. Mother Nature is divinely intelligent. Does it make any sense that she would put billions of harmful organisms per square inch of matter for us to fight against and be worried about? That does not make ANY sense. Why would the world exist in that manner? What were cave people doing to battle these MYSTICAL germs that are causing everybody to be sick?

It’s not reality.

They proved this over sixty years ago. The actual reason that people get sick is always due to the balance in the environment, the state of the being, the body. If you have a body that is conducive to illness, illness will occur. If you are in a state of wellness and balance, you won’t be sick.

Therefore, I even eat food off the floor. I don’t worry if I have not washed my hands before I eat. I would even eat with my hands. Obviously, I am not going to put dirt in my mouth. We have become very neurotic with this but that is for an entirely different video.

Right now, I just want you to understand that it’s not these magical germs out here that make you sick. It is the state of your being.

The other thing that you need to understand is that pills and pharmaceuticals are not the answer. They are a cover up to the SYMPTOMS but they do not solve the PROBLEM. The problem is why you are getting out-of-balanced in the first place.

Perhaps, if you want an alternative to these chemical pills, you could try Natural Medicine that I covered in a previous video!

All of these stem back to your lifestyle, to how you are treating your body, the vehicle for experiencing this life. As long as you can recognize that and take responsibility for it, you can POWERFULLY choose wellness on a day to day basis.

It is really up to you. If you get sick, I’ll never say “You are wrong.” or “You are bad.” or “You are a jerk.”


I simply want to give you your POWER back. I want you to understand that you are not fighting these magical germs and that pills are not the answer. The Nyquil is not the solution. I want to give you the power to choose wellness and balance if you decide that’s what you desire.

I hope this advice has been helpful. I hope it has opened your eyes a little bit to what is really going on and what health looks like…

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Thanks and talk soon!

Noah Hammond