Natural Pets TV: Cats – Episode 4 – Digestion – The System, The Function & It's Health

Natural Pets TV: Cats – Episode 4 – Digestion – The System, The Function & It's Health

Natural Pets TV is a program that showcases experts in the natural pet world sharing knowledge, expertise and experience with pet parents who want to do better for their pets.

The experts share discuss a wide variety of issues, topics and questions surrounding the natural pet world. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of pet body systems, issues, concerns and how to address them naturally, proactively and reactively. The foundation of health and wellness can greatly be strengthened with natural, holistic and common sense approaches to your pets care.

Season 2, Cat Episode 4 topics include:
The concept of holistic wellness and holistic thinking in terms of the Digestive System. Understanding the intertwined systems that impact each other when out of balance, the health of the system, the impact and much more.

About this episode’s hosts:

Dr. Liz Bales –

Dr Liz Bales is a born animal lover. She spent her childhood on horse farms surrounded by horses, cats and dogs. Dr. Liz graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. Dr Liz has been fascinated with cat wellness in her veterinary career – including feline behavior, nutrition and internal medicine.

Dr. Liz Bales is the inventor and passion Catvocate for the No Bowl Cat Feeding System.


The NoBowl Feeding System™ is the world’s first indoor hunting system and is changing the way that cats everywhere get their food. Use this set of five NoBowls to replace your food bowl and allow your cat to hunt in a natural and healthy way

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Heidi Nevala: Researcher, Author, Lecturer, South American Herb Expert

I have enjoyed a creatively challenging & diverse professional career in many fields and roles including executive management, sales, marketing, branding, import/export, project management, 20+ years in manufacturing & GSA sales/contract negotiation. I’ve acquired domestic & global business experience working in the USA, South America & Europe. I’m a happy workaholic, sort of a research geek & am dedicated to the combined pursuit of ideation & philanthropy.

Natura Petz Organics is a pet-centric consumer, wholesaler, distributor & education resource center. We manufacture organic pet herbals, super foods, adaptogens, meal toppers, starter kits & specialty wellness supplements for dogs, cats & horses. Our products contain unique ingredients from the Amazon, Andes & Pacific Ocean and we are THE South American herbal pet experts. We’re expanding our line domestically & internationally which will include premium super food treats, foods, a co-partnered vet food line & specialty horse formulations. We have big plans to disrupt & reshape the animal wellness marketplace=More to come.

For more about Natura Petz Organics & Heidi Nevala visit:

Dr. Ken Tudor: Veterinarian, Author, Lecturer, Industry Expert
After 33 years in veterinary practice working with Cats, Dogs & more, Dr. Tudor opened THE WELL DOG PLACE as an alternative to traditional veterinary practice. His mission is to minimize illness by maximizing health through nutritional management, routine preventative care and proactive, safe alternative therapies. For diagnosing and treating medical problems, Dr. Tudor combines modern medicine with alternative treatments like Traditional Chinese Medicine, essential oil, Western herbs and cold laser therapy and is always on the looking for new alternative therapies and treatments.

Dr. Tudor is a recognized expert and leader in the field of pet nutrition and fitness, has authored two homemade recipe books, written hundreds of articles about nutrition and health and is a featured expert on radio and televised pet programs.

For more information on Dr. Ken Tudor visit:

Robert Semrow: Author, Lecturer, Industry Expert
Robert Semrow is well known throughout the pet industry and animal world. He is an award-winning photographer, heard on 130 + AM/FM/XM radio U.S. stations weekly on Animal Radio – “Listomania” and has been a regular on National Syndicated TV Series and Digital Media Series sharing his diverse knowledge about the pet world.

For more information on Robert Semrow visit:

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Hosts: Dr. Liz Bales, Dr. Ken Tudor, Heidi Nevala, Robert Semrow
Director/Producer: Derek Sahagun

This is a Pet World Media Group Production

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Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy | Stress relief Review

I love the bath & body works essential oils lotion and scrub . Stress relief one is my fave !Thanks so much for supporting the channel and subscribe for more videos like these! Love you all!

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