Travelling With Momo: Dog's First Flight

Travelling With Momo: Dog's First Flight

Sharing my experience travelling with Momo from Canada to Portugal via Air Transat (Montreal to Lisbon, a non-stop 6 hour flight). Take your dog flying with you only if it’s really worth it. You’ll have to do your own research depending on the country you’re leaving from and the country you’re going to. Pop any questions I didn’t answer or share your own experience in the comments!

Helpful links for ya:
– Animal regulations most countries (and tons more useful information)
– Exporting your pet from the USA
– Exporting your pet from the Canada (Non-commercial Export of Dogs, Cats and Ferrets to the European Union)
– Instructions for filling out the Canadian export form
– The airline I chose after they were recommended to me:
– Crate Training your dog
– List of Rabies-Free, Rabies-Controlled, and High-Rabies countries

Questions/tips I forgot to cover:
– How do I get my Pet Passport? The Pet Passport is a European document to make pet travel easier throughout the EU. You can get it from a vet once you’re in Europe by bringing your papers and paying the fee. Find a vet near where you’re landing and e-mail or call them before you leave to find one that will work best for you.
– I contacted a pet relocation service and asked them most questions I had, they are a wealth of knowledge and were very helpful.

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The First Pet Care ETF (PAWZ) to Benefit from Global Pet Care Trends

The First Pet Care ETF (PAWZ) to Benefit from Global Pet Care Trends

ProShares Pet Care ETF (PAWZ) is the first ETF that allows investors to capitalize on people’s passion for their pets. To learn more visit

PAWZ gives investors broad exposure to public companies in the global pet care industry—companies that stand to benefit from the proliferation of pet ownership, and the emerging trends affecting how we care for our pets.

Why invest in the pet care industry?

– Pet Ownership Is Growing
Roughly 68% of U.S. households have pets, up from 56% in 1988 according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). In fact, more households have pets than have children. And it’s not just a U.S. trend—similar growth is taking place internationally.

– More and More, Owners Are Caring for Pets Like Family
A recent Harris Poll reports 95% of owners consider their pets part of the family. They want their pets lives to be as happy, healthy and fulfilling as their own, and they will likely spare little expense to ensure it. Pet owners are spending billions on premium-quality foods, state-of-the-art health care, insurance policies, luxury services and more.

– The Pet Care Industry Is Thriving
Pet care in this country has seen twice the percentage growth of GDP since 2007, increasing even during the Great Recession. Meanwhile, a similar boom has been building internationally. The global pet care industry is expected to grow from $132 billion in 2016 to as much as $203 billion by 2025.

Fetch more information at

Sources: Grandview Research, March 2018; APPA 2017-2018 National Pet Owner’s Survey and ProShares

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Veterinarian Dr. Flavia Answers Your Pet Health Questions | Chewy

Veterinarian Dr. Flavia Answers Your Pet Health Questions | Chewy

The doctor is in! Dr. Flavia teamed up with Chewy to help answer your pet health questions. As a pet parent, you know that your fur friend’s health is a priority. Chewy wants to help you keep your pet happy and healthy. That’s why we’re always asking pet experts to step in and share their pet knowledge. You won’t want to miss out on this Vet Q&A session.

In this video, Dr. Flavia discusses how to use calming supplements for your pets with anxiety. If you have a nervous dog, Chewy and Dr. Flavia are here to help. There are a lot of ways to help combat separation anxiety in dogs such as trying calming jackets like a Thundershirt. If your cat has separation anxiety, there are cat supplements out there to help your feline friend too.

Is your pet dealing with itchy or dry skin and paws? Watch to learn Dr. Flavia’s tips on natural pet remedies that can help with your itchy pet! We were surprised to learn that there are such things as dog allergies. Luckily, Dr. Flavia gives us the low down on how to help our itchy pets. If you have a dog itching or cat with dry skin and paws, make sure you tune in to learn how to help relieve their symptoms.

Dr. Flavia also talks about the best supplements for joint pain and joint health. You’ll learn all about glucosamine for dogs as well as why joint supplements for dogs can help your fur friend.

Get inspired with some fun ideas from Dr. Flavia on pet mental stimulation! These ideas are perfect for both dogs and cats.

If you want to learn how to keep your pet happy and healthy, Dr. Flavia is here to help! Want to learn more about pet health? Hop on over to our Youtube channel for more helpful pet videos. If you’re looking for supplements, dog treats, or even cat food, Chewy can help with that. Visit us online today to see how you can make your pet happy.

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