7 Replies to “Dr.Edward Creagan, The Health Benefits of Pets”

  1. Totally agree on that note … My snake gives me a Cleansing effect when i hold him or her and it seems to remove depression and stress talk about a cleansing effect. Those big snakes give me a somewhat a soul wash feel kinda like you can feel your soul from your flesh in a way that it feels like your soul took a bath and you can feel the difference. You know that fresh feel when you take a bath flesh wise think about how the soul feel on that note. In all general what ever pet you choose will have it’s own healing effect in the way ment for your healing.

  2. Dr Creagan was my oncologist for many years, he once asked Mr R, you must have a dog. I said yes and told him about my beloved Lucy, a little tri-color cavalier. He went on saying Mr R you have a great attitude and my experience has taught me people with positive attitudes often have a dog. I also saw the hair on your sweater. I love ya Dr C

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