Review of Holistic Health Extension Dog Food – Ep13 of Steven the Pet Man: The Truth in Pet Food

Review of Holistic Health Extension Dog Food – Ep13 of Steven the Pet Man: The Truth in Pet Food

Steven the Pet Man Reviews the Holistic Health Extension Dry Dog Food. Steven breaks down the ingredient list and provides his thoughts on the quality of this diet and whether he considers this a good diet for your dog.

In The Truth About Pet Food Video Series, Steven the Pet Man breaks down the name brand foods you give your pet. Which ones are the best, which ones are the worst? What are the facts behind the ingredients on the label? The truth about pet food will be revealed, one can and one bag at a time.

Preventing Gout with a Healthy Diet

Preventing Gout with a Healthy Diet

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Lee Health is a nationally recognized, award-winning health system in Southwest Florida. We are caring people, inspiring health.

Every day millions of people struggle to do daily tasks because of their chronic pain. A new class is restoring their quality of life.

It can affect joints like the big toe, feet, ankles, and knees. “Gout is a type of arthritis that evolves from an imbalance of protein metabolism in your body,” said Dr. Andrew Belis, a podiatric surgeon on the medical staff of Lee Health.

A painful condition that can be triggered by what you eat. “Diet has a big part of that so avoiding particular foods are important especially animal products, chicken, animal organs tend to have these things called purines in them, and when purine builds up in our body it cause these crystals to form,” explained Ryan Morrison, a clinical dietitian with Lee Health.

A heavy protein diet can cause proteins to be deposited into the joints resulting in inflammation and pain. This is when gout occurs, and the joint becomes swollen and hot. “If you overload it by eating too much protein and too much shellfish and red meat, these proteins build up in your system, and your body cannot excrete it sufficiently through your kidneys,” said Dr. Belis.

Which is why health experts recommend eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. “If you do a drastic change, really controlling portion sizes of animal products, really increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption can definitely help with gout,” said Morrison.

Drinking plenty of water, limiting alcohol, and maintaining a healthy weight can also lower your risk for gout. “I find that a majority of patients who have gout actually have dehydration,” said Dr. Belis.

With regular physical activity and high fiber foods, gout can resolve on its own. “Just a little bit of manipulation of the diet and watching and hydrating yourself and watching how much alcohol you take in, that can really make a big difference here,” said Dr. Belis.

Limiting animal protein and incorporating more fruits and vegetables can keep you healthy and prevent gout.

Feeling Anxious and Overwhelmed? Natural Anxiety + Stress Relief

Feeling Anxious and Overwhelmed? Natural Anxiety + Stress Relief

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In this episode, I share my own personal practices using essential oils and breathing exercises for anxiety and stress relief.

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