Talks@12: Oral Health Facts Matter

Talks@12: Oral Health Facts Matter

The rapid spread through social networks of health misinformation, such as questioning the safety of water fluoridation and vaccinations, has led to new public health and policy challenges. In our web-based world, the sound science that supports some oral health advances is being threatened. Brittany Seymour and Alessandro Villa from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine will discuss how to recognize inaccuracies and change the conversation.

Brittany Seymour
Assistant Professor of Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Alessandro Villa
Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine, Infection and Immunity, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

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One Reply to “Talks@12: Oral Health Facts Matter”

  1. I am a data nerd – I also pay attention to agendas and cognitive bias. 

    First – to conflate fluoridation and vaccination is inappropriate. They are different science and should be examined in terms of the data, not from the assumption that those policies are absolute goods and the job of the ‘professionals’ is to manipulate political and public opinion to accept these medical interventions. 

    Second – although more polite than most, this presentation presents the opponents of fluoridation and the vaccine hesitant as ‘less than’ which is consistent with the dismiss the ethics, deny the science and denigrate the opposition approach that fuels both the pro-F and pro-Vax campaigns.

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