Probiotics EVERY Woman Needs Daily | Improve Your GUT & VAG HEALTH | The BEST Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics EVERY Woman Needs Daily | Improve Your GUT & VAG HEALTH | The BEST Probiotic Supplements

The best advice about probiotics for women on what types of probiotics women of all ages need to take for healthy guts, healthy vaginal canals and healthy skin and overall wellness.

My Top 3 Probiotics I Recommend For Women:

1. Garden of Life Raw Probioitic 34 Strain (5 day dose):

**may want to take for more than 5 days

2. Garden of Life Dr. Formulated PROBIOTICS Once Daily Womens

3.Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, Original Formula, 60 Capsules with Live Cultures

4. Oral Probio


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50 Replies to “Probiotics EVERY Woman Needs Daily | Improve Your GUT & VAG HEALTH | The BEST Probiotic Supplements”

  1. What is your opinion on soil based probiotics which are usually shelf life stable? My dad’s holistic Dr. was saying his opinion was that those kinds are better tolerated for SIBO or sensitive IBS cases during healing phase. Wanted to know what you think. Thanks.

  2. Fresh is best. Please educate others about how to make 11 types of fresh probiotics with under a minute of prep and not a single dirty dish with the ProbioticMaker.

  3. Hi Melissa,👍 thanks for this video!! What’s your take on SBO probiotics? Better than these regular ones or not better? Thanks if you can reply!!😃

  4. I’m going thru peri menopause and I’ve always had issue with bowel movements my hormones are now out of control with my issue of fibroids which probiotic do you recommend for me. Thank you in advance

  5. Love all of your videos! I am ordering the garden of life once daily probiotics and the Dr. Ohhiras one off of amazon, do I take these together? It almost sounds like one compliments the other.

  6. Hi!:) I take probiotics everyday, and today found out I was diagnosed with bacteria vaginosis. This has occurred a few times in life:( I’ve also never gotten pregnant, and was wondering if this could be s cause for infertility. Any tips on how to avoid this? I am now taking a antibiotic the doctor subscribed. Any help is so appreciated!:)

  7. Thank you so much for this video! I had hysteroscopy surgery done about 6 months ago and my stomach has not been the same since. I will be ordering the probiotics today as this just might be the solution to my problem.

  8. Thanks so much for the video – the information provided is most helpful. I’ve been on the fence about whether or not to take probiotic supplemets  – the direction provided is greatly appreciated.

  9. Hey. Can you please tell me why (even very good quality) probiotics and fermented foods seem to make me itchy in my lady bits? Haha thanks!

  10. i have heard that we must put the capsul tablet of probiotic into some warm water for some minets befor eating becaus the bacterias r sleep when we put them in the fridge is it right??

  11. I’m so desperate! I just went thru H pylori took 2 rounds of antibiotics because the 1st round didn’t do anything. This was in October. I still feel terrible. Idk what to do anymore. My stomach burns everyday. What can I do? Anyone

  12. But why?! Why are they good for what they’re good for? I’m recently off antibiotics and I have autoimmune and severe eczema so the first one sounds good but I need to understand why/how it works. How and why are they different more than just the strength, wbu is multi strain better than single strain? Why those particular strains?

  13. Would this help my husband to? His symptoms is diarrhea especially at night before going to bed and during sleeping time. He’s a mechanic, works long hours. I try to feed him lots of greens with a low cooked carb when he gets home. It’s been difficult to keep him eating right cause he loves his fruit and nuts and many times after his meals he be snacking his fruit like papaya, watermelon, Apples and Pears . He also will eat meat for dinner and there he goes with his snacks of fruits and nut . His dinner time is after 7:30 pm and bed time 11:00pm . I m concerned for him due to diarrhea and not getting his rest. How can I work it in to help him. Any ideas please let me know . And anyone that may know let me know . Thanks !

  14. taking probiotics randomly is a bad idea. they’re not vitamins, and they put you at risk of SIBO. I would only ever take probiotics with a digestive enzyme if i was constipated, then I would get off them as soon as possible and try to heal my gut naturally with unprocessed food and vegetables.

  15. Which one would you recommend for someone with Celiac? I also have dermatitis herpetiformis on face, scalp, and back. Love your channel.

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