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There are thousands of Websites, books, articles and general
information about how to lose weight fast, how to become thin fast.
Thousands of diet centers, “how to lose weight” infomercials that try
to promote their products and want to sell you false ideas and false
products to make a quick buck in detriment of your health, your well
being…and your pocket.That is why I have decided to write more
often about this problem, to kind of controvert just a little bit at
least the harm that many of you are exposed to when watching TV or
reading some mediocre article about health when you navigate the
Internet.First of all let me tell you something extremely important: there is no miracle fix to lose weight. That is it. Period.There is no magical pill that can make you lose the weight fast and in a healthy way.There is no special diet that can make you lose weight fast and in a healthy way.There
is no special machine that can make you lose weight fast without actual
physical effort from you. Like this one -lots of laughs- for “body slimming”Once
you are honest enough to admit that you do have a problem with food,
that you like to over indulge yourself by overeating unhealthy foods
and cannot control it, then you decide you want to make a serious
change in your life. But YOU have to want it. YOU have to desire to
become healthy, not thin, not fast thinness, that won’t work.
Everything in life that is worthwhile takes effort, courage and time to
achieve it. So, unless you actually have a physical problem, like hypothyroidism
for example that impedes you from losing weight even though when eating
healthy and exercising correctly, then nothing should stop you from
achieving your goal:losing weigh the healthy way and learning how to keep it off.Having
said that, I will give you few advices this week about how to lose
weight. Few advices well followed are worth way more than thousand of
false tips. However, I will continue to write in the future more tips
and ideas about how to eat healthy. So keep posted and feel free to ask
questions. You can post your questions in the comments section or you
can email me.Livingstrong Healthy Tips To Lose Weight1.
Calculate how many calories you have to eat to maintain your present
weight. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 off the total you got.
Calculate your calories every week after you weight yourself.2.
Exercise at least 50 minutes 5 times a week. But the exercise has to be
cardiovascular maintaining your heart beat between 80 to 85 % for at
least 20 minutes.3. Avoid greasy food and fast food. Remember that
we can eat everything BUT in moderation. Specially if you exercise you
need to eat some carbohydrates for energy. But don’t over do it -eating
excessive amount of carbs- because they have tons of calories.4. Be
positive. Make yourself feel good. Try to be positive and encourage
yourself every day. Picture yourself how you really want to look
physically. Picture yourself wearing those tight pants you haven’t worn
in years, that sexy t-shirt that shows your shoulders. Picture your
face without big cheeks and without that flabby double chin that has
embarrassed you for so long. Picture yourself smiling to your friends,
family, clients, co-workers with a thin face and bright smile.5. If
you drink alcohol beverages in abundance then you need to stop
completely if you are serious about losing weight and being healthy. If
you don’t have a problem controlling your alcohol intake then you can
have one or two drinks a week, preferably with your meals. If you are
going to have a beer choose the light variety since it has less
calories than the regular one. Vodka has way less calories than Brandy.
Red wine and white wine are also good choices. But do not have more
than two drinks per week.That is all for now. Remember, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comment section or you can ’email the author’.Be kind to yourself and the world around you.

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