Keys to Healthy Living


living involves dedication and passion for maintaining healthy habits.
Although diet and exercise are essential in staying healthy and
productive, being positive and choosing to be optimistic about the
future are equally as important. Maintain a positive attitude can
crossover from your emotional state into your physical health. Actually,
health is a broad term that includes a state of physical, mental and
also social well-being and not merely the absence of disease, as defined
by the World Health Organization, the leading health care monitoring
institution in the world. Here are some basic tips on staying healthy
and positive.As
the old adage says ‘you are what you eat.’ The diet is probably the
most important factor in a healthy lifestyle. The foods that you consume
on a daily basis defines the energy your body produces. If there is a
correlation to your levels of energy they can first be found in the
foods you eat. Unhealthy dietary choices that include high amounts of
processed sugar, fatty meals rich in cholesterol and caffeine are a
well-defined road towards developing heart disease, diabetes, obesity
and high blood pressure. Having these issues draws your emotional state
into a place of negativity which affects overall health in a negative
way. If
you want to stay healthy, shift your attention away from butter, sweet
bakery products, eggs and fatty meat. Instead, eat more ocean fish,
whole-grain products, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. These contain
less fat and sugar, but are rich in high-quality protein, fiber,
antioxidants and vitamins. Whole foods offer greater amounts of
nutrients than processed foods. These foods can also help you maintain
good levels of vitamins and minerals which helps the normal function of
your brain and body which in turn helps your overall mental and physical
fighting your unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol and drinking lots
of coffee. There is no need to emphasize the importance of quitting
smoking, because the term lung cancer says it all. Oxygen in the most
vital nutrient that your body can receive. If your body cannot get
proper levels of oxygen you can lose the integrity of vital organs.
 Even moderate alcohol consumption is associated with lower
productivity, memory loss and an increased risk for liver and pancreas
diseases. Drinking excessive amounts of coffee increases your intake of
caffeine, which is a stimulant that increases the blood pressure and
frequently causes anxiety and restlessness.Start
developing healthy habits like exercising, making friends and finding
an entertaining hobby that will make you enthusiastic about life. Making
friends a habit by including them in your life can be one the best
cures for emotional distress. The communication bonds that are build
between friends acts as a natural stimulant which is healthy and
productive.  and The benefits of exercise include weight loss, a better
cardiovascular health, endurance and higher productivity at work.
Getting involved in the social life of your community is important
because it increases self-confidence and develops a sense of self-worth.

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