Exercise, Nutrition, and Health: Keeping it Simple | Jason Kilderry | TEDxDrexelU

Exercise, Nutrition, and Health: Keeping it Simple | Jason Kilderry | TEDxDrexelU

The speaker is very passionate about exercise, nutrition and health. He reflects that in the talk.

Jason found his passion for athletics, health, and fitness at an early age. Throughout his childhood, Jason’s athletic career revolved around basketball and baseball. When he reached high school, Jason decided he would one day like to enlist in the military, which led him to focus on his increasing his overall health and fitness on a regular basis. Inevitably, his enrollment in the military did not occur. But all the training he had done in preparation for the military left Jason in the best shape of his life, and that is when he truly realized his passion for health, fitness, and endurance sports. Jason started pursing a career in the health and fitness field at a local community college, and then transferred to Rowan University, where he also ran cross-country. Juggling academics, athletics, and a part-time job as a personal trainer was difficult, but it allowed Jason to realize that balancing all aspects of life is a challenge most health and fitness enthusiasts face

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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  1. Wow…stunned and amazed some of the vitriolic language below. I would think that this approach of moderation would work for many. If it doesn’t work for you, fine. Perhaps your diet is what is making you so angry?? Just sayin’. I thought it was an interesting approach.

  2. Kudos for the Video! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you ever tried – Millawdon Soundness Program Trick (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome one off guide for learning how to maintain optimal health and wellness using a simple app minus the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.

  3. Everybody, please remember this, these are the basics. If you find that wheat makes you sluggish, cut it out. But you need these fundamentals first, then start making those choices. Make the small steps and find what works for you. Nough said.

  4. Very patronizing! I am watching this on my treadmill – I do 6 miles a day (10K steps) on it. It is 95 degree outside. Why put down any exercise – especially while working. Everyone should to keep active and productive and use what ever tools are available. His discussion of diet is trivial.

  5. a diet is for life not just to get in to a dress or look good for your holiday . Create a good eating habit and you won’t even notice your doing it after a while .

  6. Can anyone recommend some good literature that expands on the finer details of Nutrition? Particularly for a Vegetarian diet?

  7. This guy is way off based when he says "meat is fine." Extensive scientific research from countless studies has shown that more than small amounts of meat (and that includes fish, beef, pork, and polutry) promotes numerous diseases and reduces longevity. For extensive documentation, read the book Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman.

  8. Moderation doesn’t work for most people.  It actually easier to cut out those groups of food we know make us sick: meat, DAIRY (which he failed to even mention), and processed foods (including oil).  At the beginning you can ‘moderate’ these things, but elimination should be the goal.

  9. I do think the keto diet is a perfect diet. It just depends on whether you can find the time and effort to afford the transition phase. But once the transition is complete I imagine it would be nirvana.

  10. Thinking in terms of a lifestyle has worked for me. By lifestyle i mean and refined structure with flexible changes such as days i can eat more or variations (mostly the days i work out). Also, explaining people the physics of the body. Putting this into simple terms is about how much energy are you consuming related to the intensity of the activity you are doing (almost like relativity haha). That’s the sad truth people don’t want to accept. Then, after this, people start making up speculations about the psychology of the individual, which i won’t deny it plays an important role in staying motivated, but cannot be used as an excuse for not achieving results (unless of course there is a previous diagnostic of a psychological disease).

    Learn the physics, think in terms of energy (thermodynamics in the body) , act, repeat…

  11. I don’t have a treadmill desk but I wish I did. Even waking slow is better than sitting all day which happens at a job that is completely sedentary and where you need to be by the phone at all times.

  12. This works as it’s how I live my life and I’m a healthy weight and have no illnesses.  Too many people try to make drastic changes which are doomed to failure.  Educate yourself about good diet and exercise (but keep it simple!), learn to cook, spend more time moving.  Yes, it’s all a bit boring and is a long term plan, maybe that’s why many people do not want to hear the message!?

  13. Well… the ketogenic diet is not a quick fix and it has a logical and biological principle behind it. it;s not a fad it;s science.

  14. Meat (grass fed/ not tampered with) doesn’t make anybody sick.  I eat meat although not on a regular basis and I am very healthy.

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